EAR Yoshino Phonobox

EAR Yoshino Home Phono Pre-Amplifiers
The updated version of the legendary EAR 834P phono stage. Technical Specifications: VALVES:Three 13D16 (optionally fitted with ECC83)CONNECTIVITY:One Phono MM & MC Input (RCA)One...

EAR Yoshino Acute Classic

CD Players EAR Yoshino Electronics Home
EAR Yoshino Acute CD Classic   Back for an encore The Acute CD player is reborn. When designing the new EAR Acute Classic, Audio...

EAR Yoshino 834

EAR Yoshino Electronics Home Integrated Amplifiers
EAR 834 Integrated Amplifier Push-pull stereo integrated amplifier. 50 Watts per channel into 4 or 8 ohms. Uses 6L6, EL34, or KT66 output tubes. Self-biasing....

EAR Yoshino V12

EAR Yoshino Electronics Home Integrated Amplifiers
Inspired by Performance Referenced from Tim de Paravicini’s admiration of Jaguar’s powerplant, the EAR V12 extracts much of the same philosophy. The design utilises...

EAR Yoshino 912 Preamplifier

EAR Yoshino Electronics Home Pre Amplifiers
    The EAR 912 preamplifier is a fully-featured valve (tube) preamplifier that is designed to cater both for the vinyl lover and the...

EAR Yoshino 509 Monoblock Pair

EAR Yoshino Electronics Home Power Amplifiers
Classic beauty The EAR 509 mono was born to serve professional studios. The nature of high fidelity in studios makes it perfectly suited for...

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