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EAR Yoshino 912 Preamplifier




The EAR 912 preamplifier is a fully-featured valve (tube) preamplifier that is designed to cater both for the vinyl lover and the modern multi-source line-level system. It has been designed to offer superb sound quality first and foremost but without any sacrifice in facilities and flexibility.

Inspired by Performance

The EAR 912 is a culmination of Tim de Paravicini’s work with professional studios. Specifically designed for playback in studios, inheriting the product a rich feature set in addition to its high-grade sound.

Despite these advanced capabilities, it still has style and grace to make it feel at home anywhere. Subtle professional influences such as the VU meters and solid aluminum handles reinforce that this is not just another preamp.

Matching its state-of-the-art performance the 912 features a silver or black brushed anodised aluminum front facia and knobs that are beautiful yet durable.


Dial in the experience

The dual analogue VU meters on the 912 make for great viewing. Built to specified ballistic standards, the meters are fully music studio capable. With the ability to view the sound passing through, you can compensate for the variability of sources, enabling you to dial down the gain. Great for over compressed sounds without losing its dynamic range. The Phonostage’s gain can be calibrated to the tune of -6 and -12dB before being directly passed to our audio transformers.



The finest Quintet

Engineered to be EAR’s highest performing valve preamp, Tim de Paravicini’s masterpiece utilises five PCC88 valves, three for phono stage and two for line level. Leveraging the same high performing valves makes servicing and replacement easy and like with all EAR products, reliability and longevity are just as important to us as performance.


A half-dozen transformers.
Not a half-hearted performance

We used six output transformers within the 912 for the creation of its excellent performance. The three pairs take care of line, balanced and phono inputs. Each a master of their task, built to fulfill a specific function. Giving each input source and its transformer the ability to sing to their precise requirement.


Better connected

With this preamp, be connected more than ever before. Capable of catering four line, two balanced and two phono stage inputs, you’ll have room to vastly expand your system.

Supplementing the large selection of inputs, you can take advantage of the two line and two balanced outputs. Allowing you to pass ultra high quality audio from the source direct to the rest of your Hi-Fi. Leaving you with the best possible experience.




Five PCC88 (7DJ8)


Signal-to-nosie on Line amp: 90db (1v out ref)

Distortion:0.1% @ 1KHz 3V

MC impedance: 40Ω, 12Ω, 6Ω, 3Ω

MM impedance: 47Ω

Phono S/Noise (unweighted): 68dB ref 2.4mV

RIAA Accuracy: 0.2dB, 30hz - 20KHz


Four Line Inputs (RCA)

Two Phono Inputs MM/MC (RCA)

Two Balanced Inputs (XLR)


Two Line Outputs (RCA) 5V into 600Ω

Two Balanced Ouputs (XLR) 5V

One Tape Monitor (RCA)

Dimensions Weight

Weight: 13kg 

Length: 270 mm 

Width: 490 mm 

Height: 135mm


Power Consumption: 30 watts

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