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Exposure 360


Exposure has provided the amplification for vinyl for 50 years and now offers an A to Z Vinyl solution.  The 360 Turntable is in response to our customers’ demand for a turntable that perfectly complements our music-loving range of electronics.


  • Plinth is made from a lightweight laminate, using polyurethane foam as its core
  • Isolation feet made from santoprene rubber and reinforced by aluminium
  • Ultra-low friction brass hub for the bearing
  • 24V motor with aluminium pulley
  • High quality precision tonearm
  • External power supply unit which includes a precision speed controller for improved speed stability
  • The power supply unit incorporates push button speed selection for 33.3RPM and 45RPM
  • Available in Black

Embark on an audio journey of unparalleled excellence with our meticulously crafted turntable, meticulously designed to redefine your listening experience. Engineered with precision and performance in mind, each aspect of the Exposure 360 turntable has been meticulously considered to deliver unmatched sound quality.

From the lightweight yet robust plinth, constructed with a laminate core and polyurethane foam, to the isolation feet made from santoprene rubber reinforced by aluminum, every component works in perfect harmony to provide optimal stability and vibration dampening.

The ultra-low friction brass hub, anchored to the plinth with a machined aluminum collar, ensures smooth and precise rotations for an immersive listening experience. Bid farewell to speed fluctuations with our machined aluminum sub-platter, which enhances speed stability compared to conventional plastic types.

The dual-layer float glass platter adds mass for improved stability and enhances the flywheel effect, resulting in superior audio performance that captivates the senses. Powered by a 24V motor with an aluminum pulley and an external power supply unit featuring a precision speed controller, our turntable delivers unparalleled speed stability. Convenience and flexibility are at your fingertips with push-button speed selection for 33.3RPM and 45RPM. Designed to minimize interference, our separate power supply unit ensures delicate signals remain undisturbed, guaranteeing pristine sound quality free from noise.

Complete with a high-quality precision tonearm, a smoked Polystyrene dust cover, and compatibility with MC, MM, or other cartridges (cartridge not included), our turntable is the perfect addition to any audiophile's collection.

Backed by a three-year guarantee and available exclusively in black, the Exposure 360 turntable promises years of unrivaled performance and sonic bliss. Elevate your listening experience with our precision-engineered turntable, where craftsmanship meets audio perfection.


360 Turntable Dimensions (HxWxD): 120mm x 447mm x 360mm

Power Supply Dimensions (HxWxD): 50mm x 180mm x 155mm

Net Weight: 5kg

Gross Weight:   6.5kg

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