Fyne Audio F501SP - The HiFi Shop
Fyne Audio F501SP - The HiFi Shop
Fyne Audio F501SP - The HiFi Shop
Fyne Audio F501SP - The HiFi Shop
Fyne Audio F501SP - The HiFi Shop
Fyne Audio F501SP - The HiFi Shop
Fyne Audio F501SP - The HiFi Shop
Fyne Audio F501SP - The HiFi Shop
Fyne Audio F501SP - The HiFi Shop
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Fyne Audio F501SP


The Special Production F501SP is a UK built version of the award-winning F501 loudspeaker. Building on the outstanding sonic performance and aesthetics of the original model, the F501SP benefits extensively from technology developed for the premium F700 Series. The IsoFlare point source driver uses a 150mm (6”) multi-fibre bass / midrange cone with FyneFlute surround, coupled with the 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter. With an upgraded crossover to seamlessly integrate the drivers with the F501 cabinet, the SP adds Fyne’s signature aluminium sandwich plinth to enhance stability and further refine the BassTrax downward firing porting system. The connection panel has also been upgraded and features a fifth terminal to ground the driver chassis and reduce the influence of RF interference in the circuit. Celebrating this UK Special Production with enhanced cosmetics, the F501SP benefits from diamond machine cut detailing on the aluminium driver chassis, an anodised machined aluminium plinth and the option of a Piano Gloss Walnut real wood veneer finish.

Meet the 500 Series

Building on the multi-award winning F500 Series, the F500 SP Series is a unique range of UK built Special Production models blending the refinements of F700 Series technology with the classic F500 Series cabinet design. The result is our most affordable ‘premium’ loudspeaker range, boasting high end components and patented acoustic technology crafted into conventional parallel sided cabinets, hand built and finished in Fyne Audio’s Glasgow, UK factory.

The IsoFlareTM drivers in the F500 SP series are direct derivatives of the high end, point source units designed for the F700 Series. High powered compression tweeters with neodymium motors and multi-fibre LF cones deliver true isotropic radiation with an extremely flat frequency response out to over 30kHz. Dynamic, powerful and incredibly natural sounding, these exceptional point source drivers bring music alive with breathtaking details and class-leading imaging.

Further refining the F500 cabinets, the SP models integrate the more advanced BassTrax LF porting system from Fyne’s F700 and flagship F1 Series. This includes the double layer metal sandwich plinth and tractrix profile diffuser cone, designed to deliver the smoothest LF response and easy room integration. Adding a touch of classical luxury, the F500 SP models are also available finished in piano gloss lacquered walnut veneer.

BASSTRAX Port System

All three SP models incorporate Fyne’s flagship BassTrax Tractrix bass porting system as found in a larger format on the F700 and flagship F1 models. The system integrates a tuned downward firing port and Tractrix profile cone that converts plain wave port energy into a spherical 360 degree wavefront that exits uniformly through the plinth. The system smooths LF output by evenly dispersing energy into the room, making the speaker much less critical of room positioning.


With many crossover components and circuit architecture trickled down from the premium F700 loudspeakers, F500 SP models bring a new level of refinement and detail to the already succesful F500 design. Low-loss laminated core inductors, high grade polypropylene capacitors and Van Den Hul Matched Crystal silver plated OFC wiring ensure transparent signal transmission, with final crossover and component tuning undertaken by Dr Paul Mills. The F500 SP Series integrate Fyne’s high quality bi-wire terminal panel with a fifth loudspeaker terminal for driver chassis grounding.


Optimising floor coupling and better dissipating vibration in the F500 Series cabinets, floorstanding SP models use Fyne’s striking twin layer metal plinth. Machined from thick aluminium plates, the two sections are precisely separated by aluminium spacers for optimum integration with the BassTrax porting system. The integrated floor spikes are adjusted from the top of the plinth to make levelling easy, while knurled lock nuts clamp the spikes firmly in position. Machined aluminium cups are provided to protect wooden floors.

Special Production Isoflare

Compared to standard F500 Series loudspeakers, the most significant upgrade for Special Production models can be found in the new SP Isoflare drivers. Combining our engineer’s decades of driver design expertise with advanced computer modelling has resulted in a cutting edge driver design that delivers a class leading music listening experience. Offered in 6” (150mm) and 8” (200mm) variants, the SP Isoflare units borrow much of the technology developed for F700 models, including the F700’s 25mm magnesium diaphragm compression tweeter and multi-fibre cone with FyneFlute roll surround.

F502SP IsoFlare Driver

Bringing the Detail

The centrally positioned HF unit uses a powerful neodymium motor system with a vented rear chamber to move fundamental resonance well below the crossover point. The unique HF waveguide has undergone extensive computer modelling to deliver an optimised wavefront expansion rate and flat frequency response out to its 30kHz design parameters. The HF system is efficiently cooled by heatsinking through a metal pole piece, ensuring a smooth HF response even after extended high volume listening.

The SP cone is created from a bespoke multi-fibre mix designed to give an extremely natural sound through the critical midband region along with the required stiffness to drive low frequency transients with minimal colouration. Set in a bespoke rigid cast aluminium chassis, the LF motor system incorporates a separate flux focusing magnet to increase low frequency efficiency and maintain a flat response through low bass frequencies. The LF cone is terminated with a FyneFlute roll surround, offering significant benefits in terminating unwanted cone energy over typical rounded profile surrounds.

F501SP IsoFlare


At the heart of all SP Series loudspeakers is the award winning F500 Series cabinets, enhanced with subtle improvements to further refine performance. SP models use a higher density fibreboard to increase rigidity, plus a balanced combination of bonded acoustic fibre and polyether foam damping to control resonances. The parallel sided heavyweight construction is internally braced to further lower colouration. The concept extends to the driver/cabinet interface, the rear of each drive unit being coupled to the bracing spars with an energy absorbing damping mastic.

F501SP Cuthrough

Luxury Finish

In addition to Piano Gloss Black and Piano Gloss White finish options also available on the standard F500 Series models, F500 SP models are available in a deeply lacquered Piano Gloss Walnut veneer. Exceptional attention to small details includes a diamond machine cut finish on the exposed aluminium driver chassis, magnetic grille mounts front and rear for storage (floor standing models only), and Fyne’s premium five binding post gloss black terminal panel. Designed, built, hand finished and pair matched by Fyne’s experts in the UK, Special Production models join Fyne’s premium F700 and F1 Series as true British loudspeakers.


System Type 2 ½ way, downwards firing port, with BassTraxTM Tractrix diffuser*, twin cavity loading system
Recommended amplifier power (Watt RMS) 30- 180
Continuous power handling (Watt RMS) 80
Sensitivity (2.83 Volt @ 1m) 91dB
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency response (-6dB typical in room) 36Hz- 34kHz
Drive unit complemen1 x 150mm IsoFlare point source driver, multi-fibre bass / midrange cone, FyneFlute surround with 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter, neodymium magnet system. 1 x 150mm multi-fibre bass cone, FyneFlute surround.
Crossover frequency 250Hz & 1.7kHz
Crossover type Bi-wired passive low loss, 2nd order low pass, 1st order high pass
Dimensions - HxWxD 984 x 288 x 320mm
Weight - Each 21.0kg
Finishes Piano Gloss Walnut / Piano Gloss Black / Piano Gloss White

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