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Stereotech Dimetric 550


Stereotech Dimetric 550

Data sheet

Height 550mm
Width 550mm
Depth 105mm


Key performance features 

  • A correctly designed 2D quadratic diffuser.
  • Useful diffusion range extending down well into the lower midrange.
  • Made in Australia from Australian sourced premium grade materials and components.
  • Custom colour choices are available for a small extra charge on orders of 12 and over.


Key convenience features 

  • Very light, easy to handle and mount using either screws, T-Rex etc.
  • More manageable size than most acoustic treatments, not overly deep.
  • Made in Australia – stock is readily available.
  • Lens is exactly square and dimensionally consistent making ganging of multiple diffusers easy and neat.



The Dimetric 550 is a bi-directional quadratic diffuser. Designed specifically for ceiling mount it can also be used on walls. Phase differences created by the different but mathematically related well depths cause sound over a broad spectrum of frequencies to reflect off in varying directions. This effect adds a sense of spaciousness and a smooth sweet nature to the treated rooms acoustic signature. Employing the correct amount of broad response diffusion to a listening environment avoids the ‘sucked out’, overly dry effect using too much narrow band absorption can create. Unfortunately, almost all the so-called ‘diffusers’ available on the market are just acoustic foam absorbers that may look vaguely like a real quadratic diffuser. The Dimetric 550 is an affordable diffuser crafted from EPS for long life, lightweight and sensible cost. It is manufactured in our Murarrie factory in Brisbane, Australia.


Dimensions – 550mm x 550mm x 105mm deep.

Weight – 2.2 Kg each.

Standard finish – White acoustic lens with white EPS main diffuser body. Custom finishes available on acoustic lens and/or body at a small premium on order of 12 or more units.

Assembly – None, shipped fully assembled ready for mounting.

Designed and manufactured by Stereotech, in Brisbane, Australia.

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