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Stereotech Elemento 590 Plus - The HiFi Shop
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Stereotech Elemento 590 Plus


The Elemento PLUS loudspeaker stand is part of the Modular Stand System range from Stereotech. The footprint of the Elemento models lend themselves to supporting a larger bookshelf loudspeaker. The ‘PLUS’ version of the Elemento support is a step up in performance from the standard Elemento. It offers improved sound quality through the addition of a number of extra design features as detailed below. Constructed from premium materials with real care and attention it offers optimum performance at this price point. Finnish Birch Plywood combined with the best of Australian and USA sourced materials and components comes together to provide a quality product sustainably sourced that will last a lifetime. Designed and manufactured like all Stereotech products right here in Australia. The simple and clean lines of the Elemento will enhance the appearance of your living space while supporting your loudspeaker investment and extracting it’s full performance potential.

The PLUS models from Stereotech gain extra stability by way of a ‘mass loaded’ base. This heavier base doesn’t just make the stand less likely to topple but grounds the spikes more firmly onto the floor helping with dissipating any vibration within the stand, into the floor structure. The upright’s performance is also improved with an extra stiffening piece to further help with reducing resonance. A neat plywood cover also stiffens this area of the stand while adding minimal weight. Easy removal by three stainless screws allows simple hidden routing of cables through the upright and possible experimental additions of damping materials.

It has been mentioned by those who have compared the ‘PLUS’ with loudspeaker stands with significantly more expensive stands from other manufacturers, that the ‘PLUS’ easily equals the dearer stands sound quality.

This is in part due to Stereotech’s philosophy of only employing materials in their designs, with naturally pleasant resonant behavior. Designers of premium loudspeakers do not use steel in their construction for good reason.



Height – 605mm including spikes.

Base – 280mm wide and 350mm deep.

Weight – 18 Kg per pair gross.

Carton dimensions – 580mm wide x 380mm deep x 200mm high

Accessories included – 8 stainless steel spikes and nuts, 4 M6 countersunk screws to attach top and base, Allen wrench, rubber feet for both base and top.

Priced per pair

Available in Australia from all good HiFi retailers. International orders are handled directly by Stereotech.

Finishes available – Clear stained plywood components (lower base and top) and either black or white satin painted components. If a custom finish is required please see our Elemento Plus model.

Assembly – In minutes. 4 screws. Tool included.

Designed and manufactured by Stereotech, in Brisbane, Australia.

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