Straight Wire Expressivo II
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Straight Wire Expressivo II


Expressivo II incorporates Compressed Conductor Technology
(CCT) with 4  “air suspended” conductors at 21 awg (American Wire Gauge) of silver-plated compressed OFHC Copper.  Multiple low dielectric insulations optimize mechanical and electrical performance. It combines CCT with a modified Star Quad Helix design that 
conveys musical nuances together with dynamic passages in a lifelike, articulate presentation with vivid details for separate pre/power components. 

The air space and soundstage are remarkably well-defined with a sharp, incisive pace. Upper register frequencies have excellent speed and timbre with focused harmonic structure. Mid-level passages offer natural sibilance and captivating accuracy character that engages you with your favorite recordings. Mid-bass is tight with appropriate decay while lower registers are
 full of force with true impact.

Mesh Jacket over Black Braid
Diameter 13mm

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