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Straight Wire Musicable II


Level 1: Essential Upgrade over Manufacturer Supplied Cables Level 1: Essential Upgrade over Manufacturer Supplied Cables

Musicable II SC helps your speakers reproduce the delicate high-frequency range via the use of OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity) conductors and polypropylene insulation in a quad twist. Accurate midrange and vocals together with controlled base combine to deliver a detailed, lifelike presentation.

Musicable II utilizes Polypropylene insulation with a low dielectric constant and a helical twist design to minimize electro-magnetic cancellations found in standard twin-lead designs. The cable is jacketed with a Navy Blue matte finish jacket that is flexible and durable.

IBW (internally bi-wireable cable)

Matte Navy Blue or Putty Jacket:
8.4mm (.33") diameter

Straight Wire MCSC-cutaway

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