Now to the very important 'art' of stylus cleaning. Under no circumstances attempt to pick or grab a blob of fluff off the end of the cantilever. A proper stylus cleaner is the tool for the job and in future never let it get to this state.

To use the pictured brush first turn the volume down to zero, then bring it up under the stylus tip and gently brush the tip by pulling the brush towards the front of the turntable. Brushing backwards may bend the cantilever (the tiny aluminium tube the stylus itself is glued to) which is naturally to be avoided.

Notes -

  1. Turn the volume down to zero or of course turn the amp off.
  2. Clean in a motion away from the mounting point of the cantilever so that it can't accidentally be bent and thus be a throw away.
  3. Never (in my opinion) use any fluid to clean a stylus and certainly never use any fluid on a carbon fibre brush of any kind.
  4. Dry clean your stylus tip using the brush pictured below regularly, particularly if you are playing records that have a bit of lint/dust/crud on them. Regularly might mean anytime between every record side through to maybe every 10 sides (every 5 records).
  5. A stylus cleaner is a necessary part of record playing, as important as owning a turntable itself. Sound quality can not be maintained if the stylus is riding up out of the groove because it has a hunk of mud and fluff built up around the shank of the tip.
  6. Styli that are kept clean will last longer, there by saving you money, much more money than a stylus cleaner costs!

Now enjoy some music and happy cleaning!

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